Our money-hungry leaders are not helping the situation – DJ Maestro on the VRA/NEDCo and residents of Tamale brouhaha

Popular DJ, Abu Hassan Maestro, very well known in the Tamale media space as DJ Maestro has dabbled into the ongoing brouhaha involving the VRA/NEDCo and the residents in Tamale.

The DJ on October 1, 2021 opined on his personal Facebook handle that the leadership of the institution not being northerners coupled with the money-grubby politicians and traditional leaders in the metropolis is not helping the situation.

DJ Maestro believes that the VRA/NEDCo abuse and humiliate the people of Tamale because their head officers are tribally bigoted making them act unprofessional towards the people of the northern region.

“The leadership of VRA are not northerners that is why they abuse and humiliate us like we’re NOBODY” he said.

Abu Hassan has however, expressed his displeasure in the chiefs and opinion leaders of the metropolis, says they should stand for the truth and must not be bought to forsake their people.

The Zaa Radio/TV’s own, DJ Maestro feels some of the chiefs and government representative of the region are acting unconcerned and uncompassionate about the people in this matter because they are money hungry.

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SOURCE: madvybes.com

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