Alaafeelana eulogizes Dr. David Fuseini Abdulai Choggu

Popular social media activist, Mohammed Awal Khalillahi Alaafeelana has eulogized the late Dr. Choggu, Dr. David Fuseini Abdulai.

In a Facebook post intercepted by Mad Vybes, the Chop Da Mic’s PRO praised the legacy of the late humanitarian and psychiatrist said “his birth was a blessing and death a great lost” to humanity.

Read full eulogy here:

“The only survivor out of eleven births
You rose from grass through grace to grass
Severally life knocked you down, but you stood up for the purpose
The purpose to better humanity and save the lives of others

The life you led was attributed to insanity
But the sane knew you did it for humanity
Posterity will remember you for your simplicity
For your life depicted nothing but generosity

You sacrificed your life to make the world better
This cannot be denied because you’re a pacesetter
You swam against the tides, you’re a go getter
You thought many to see through darkness clearer

You remain a teacher to those who believe in humanity
You exhibited selflessness and accommodated people with alacrity
The waters you created have become rivers that will never dry
The legacy you left we shall always carry shoulder-high

On your journey were hefty challenges and setbacks
But you remained resolute and tightened your belts
The dream many dreamers dream in different ways
You were determined to achieve them on different days

You traded in the value of your profession with compassion
You showed unconditional love to all patients on admission
You gave hope to the hopeless
You provided home for the homeless

And to the mentally challenged, you provided them food
To the destitute in society, you treated them good
And to those with ailments who had no penny
Sought free medication from you, oh father of many

You remain the story that is not been told
The hero who is seldom been praised
In a society that idolizes only the wealthy
But forgets good courses no matter how worthy

Your accolades forever will live in the bosom on many
And in our hearts is your statue we shall see daily
For you left a mark, a mark that will never be forgotten
A true son, the son Dagbang had begotten

Your birth was a blessing and your death a loss
But you had built bridges for us to cross
For humanity forever will learn from the schools you built
And the lights you created forever will illuminate the path you left

Continue to rest well daddy
You’re an inspiration to many
We shall uphold you legacy
Till we meet in heaven daddy

An Eulogy by Alaafeilana”

SOURCE: Mad Vybes||2021||Workaholic Tia

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