I’m a traditionalist, I use juju to support my music – Rapper Mak 4 discloses

Ghanaian Tamale based rapper, Mak 4 has disclosed that he’s a practicing traditionalist who uses black magic to support his music.

The rapper made this frightening disclosure on North Arts when he was asked by the host of the program if he believes in the use of ‘juju’ in the music industry by musicians as many have claimed.

The rapper noted that “yes! There’s the use of black magic in the industry, it is highly practical in this our industry here in Tamale. Artists usually resort to them in order to woo music fans to themselves”

“Personally I do it, I rose to fame through them…I never suffered so much like other underground artists usually do before they get the spotlight, I got the industry’s attention on my first trial” he added when Sadik Cybha asked him if he’s into juju.

However, popular radio presenter on Zaa Radio/TV, DJ Bat who shared the episode with the rapper disagreed and shared that one’s diligence and studies towards their work coupled with godly prayers are the only magic through which an artist can ‘blow’.

But Mak 4 believes his gods whom he’s grown up with all his life do not forsake him when he needs them, says they’re are the surest and quickest way to needs.

“God’s way is slow and takes time but the gods whom I’ve grown around are quick and responsive…it is not wrong when you indulge in them to protect yourself, it is only wrong when you use them to cause havoc” Mak 4 said

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