What is the ‘Smock Challenge’ that has taken over social media?; all you need to know

Social media challenges are often one of the reasons people remain glued to their phones. The latest challenge to take the social media domain in Tamale by storm is the ‘Smock challenge’.

The viral challenge started yesterday October 15, 2021 by some social media users in Tamale to show their readiness for the mega annual Damba Festival.

Several social media users have posted stunning photos of themselves in their traditional smocks to honor the challenge under the hashtags #SmockChallenge, #Damba2021 and #VisitDagbon.

Some others especially people in smock businesses confirmed to have joined the challenge for publicity-stunts as they showcase their stock and also create awareness for the Damba festival which comes in few weeks.

The Damba festival is mainly celebrated by the chiefs and people of the Northern, Savanna, North East and Upper West Regions of Ghana. The name Damba in Dagbanli is celebrated in the Dagomba lunar month of Damba to glorify the kings and chiefs of the Dagbon Kingdom.

The festival is categorized into three sessions; the Somo Damba, the Naa Damba and the “Belkulsi”. However, the traditional smock is an essential piece of the celebration which must play its role as the most legal attire for celebrants and a symbol to the festival.

On behalf of Dagbon and all of us at MADVYBES we invite our readers from far and near to the historic annual festival this year, welcome to Dagbon.


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