Alkoota Drumz, Kwame Vee among other five contestants evicted from North Got Talent

For every competitive reality show, eviction plays the role of death that brings all hopes and dreams of participants to stop. Ghana’s top TV reality show, North Got Talent for that matter is not an exception.

Last night, Thursday, November 4, 2021 was an eviction night on the North Got Talent program which witnessed some few stunning performances from the contestants of the show from dancers, to rappers through singers to poets and actors.

As expected from the greater number of flats performances given by the contestants coupled with the few number of votes they acquired, some 7 contestants’ had their dream of stepping a week further towards the ultimate prize shuttered.

Below are the full list of evicted participants from the North Got Talent show which include DJ Rapperdier, Comedian Yilo, King Rational, Kwame Vee, Melo boy, Yerima and Alkoota Drumz.

However, the eviction has brought the program from 30 participants last night to 23 as 7 was evicted from the house.


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