Wiz Child whips ex-comrade, Allegation at NGT

Wiz Child on last night, Thursday, 25th November, made the North Got Talent’s experience a bizarre one for ex-comrade “Allegation” after the singer threw a subtle jab at him.

The two reportedly separated a couple of months ago for monetary reasons [allegedly].

Information available to Mad Vybes alleges that the one time best man of Wiz Child’s, ‘Allegation’ who is widely known also as “Nayili Goaler” had times fraudulently sneaked some monies meant for the singer leading to their separation.

Close sources say that, Allegation has since been sabotaging Wiz Child’s career as the former ‘body body’ is said to have openly asked some people to stop supporting Wizzy.

Wiz Child while on stage at North Got Talent last night left a statement which most people believed was directed to the loyal fan of the program, Allegation.

The “Ntaali” crooner said that “di yaa zabri so” just after putting up a wonderful performance with IsRahim before his one time buddy buddy who was seen seated right infront of Wiz Child in the front row.

SOURCE: madvybes.com

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