I’m posed to reclaim all abandoned plots in my community for developers – Chief of Lamashegu

The chief of Lamashegu in the Tamale South constituency, Nyab Daŋʒɛ Naa Ziblim Abdulai has given land owners within the Lamashegu community a period of one year to start developing their lands or risk losing them.

Speaking at the grand opening of Electroland Ghana in Tamale, the chief expressed his dissatisfaction in people who acquire plots of land and leaves them for a very long time without developing them.

He stated that such actions retards the development of the area and has declared a one year ultimatum for land owners to develop them or they risk losing them to other people who are ready to develop.

“…anybody coming into Tamale on seeing this building [Electroland Tamale Office] will certainly know they’re entering a big city, meanwhile we have some people buy plots and leave them undeveloped for years, I’m no longer going to allow that in my land”

“I have given these individuals only a year from today to start developing their lands or I will seize and sell them off to people who are ready to develop them. Anybody who knows such people should tell them”

The chief however called on the management of Electroland Tamale to consider recruiting more indigenes of Tamale and the Northern region into available job positions they may have in the office.

Source: madvybes.com

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