You can be charged with manslaughter – Onenira sends a caution to Maccasio

Nigerian Ghanaian based singer, Okwara Precious known professionally as Onenira has advised Maccasio to find the fan who was assaulted by his fans at the grand finale of North Got Talent last night and make sure he’s okay before anything happens to him.

According to Onenira in a Facebook post sighted by this house, the singer cautioned that his colleague and rapper Maccasio can be charged with “involuntary manslaughter” if the victim either loses his life or gets incapacitated.

“Yo Maccasio bro pls, search for the guy who was beaten yesterday and make sure he’s ok. It’s not a joke, if he dies or in anyway incapacitated you can be charged with involuntary manslaughter” his post reads

Onenira made reference to the videos currently in circulation which captured Maccasio ‘inciting’ his fans on the boy after the victim threw a sachet water at him on stage while Maccasio was performing.

“…the videos going round could be tabled in as evidence” he indicated

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