Ataaka labels wild allegation against Maccasio, find out what he says here

Born Yakubu Issah and widely known as Ataaka, the rapper has in an interview with Mr. Krouch on Entertainment Seat on the Tamale based Tawasul Radio disclaimed that the Air Conditioner does not bleach the body and cannot make any skin light.

Ataaka made this assertion in responds to Maccasio who claims to have acquired his fair skin and complexion as a result of the breeze he enjoys from the air conditioner in his room.

Maccasio has been dragged severally over his newly acquired skin color, many including Ataaka and Dobble Tee have mocked him for allegedly bleaching his body. The latter has in one of his songs noted that Maccasio shares a bleaching pomade with his mother.

However in a recent video we intercepted online, Ataaka claims that the king of the 69empire, King Maccasio has now graduated from rubbing hot pomades to taking injections in order to bleach.

“The secret is now in the open for everybody to see, AC doesn’t bleach one’s skin so little bro has now graduated from the hot pomades to taking bleaching injections” Ataaka said

“…but it amuses me why he doesn’t like people talking about the fact that he bleaches” he added

See video here:

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Ataaka was on the program to premiere his latest release called 2021 Review when he made this wild allegation.


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