Maccasio retracts words against Dobble Tee in “Yohamiyo”

A real man they say is one who stands by his words and ‘does not lick back his saliva’. Who then is that man who defies the above say in order for peace to reign?

Ghanaian rapper, Sherif Abdul Majeed a.k.a Maccasio has withdrawn some comments he made about his colleague, Dobble Tee in one of his recent beef songs called “Yohamiyo”.

Maccasio in the said song incited his fans against Dobble Tee, asked them to shame him when and wherever he’s on stage to perform. Many have identified his statement as a career killing one for Dobble Tee as majority of the industry players condemned it.

However, Maccasio on the evening of Tuesday, January 4 called on his fans to desist from any action that will subject Gaffachi and Dobble Tee into any form of public ridicule, he categorically mentioned that his fans should not shame these two guys as they’re brothers.

“This beef thing is just the game, we’re brothers behind music and we should not be doing this to each other and so I beg of you to stop shaming and throwing things at them when they perform” he said

“Dobble Tee already does not get shows to perform, we need not add more problems to his career” he added

Maccasio made this plea on Tuesday, January 4, 2022 on DinchanaTrending with Mohammed Hafiz Geeface when he granted an interview to talk about his upcoming show in Yendi dubbed the “Kings Concert”.


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