DJ Fresh officially joins Zaa Radio

Information available to us can confirm that popular media personality, Mohammed Ibrahim Mbo, known widely as DJ Fresh who doubles as the marketing manager and host of drive time on North Star FM has officially left his seat to join Zaa Radio as the host of the Taxi Drivers and the Zaa Chat Show.

The presenter has been the Marketing Manager of the station from 2012 until today when he moved to join the Zaa Multimedia group to take over from DJ Drogba who has been the host for sometime now.

Confirming to our agent, the programs’ manager of the radio station, Zaa, Prince Halik Mukadi Gbramoni noted that the DJ who is now a former marketing manager of North Star FM has longed pursued this opportunity to work with his station and hope to have the DJ bring his experience to bare.

He however confirmed that Mr. Fresh has received his appointment letter from his station to resume work on Monday January 10, 2022 as the host of the Taxi Drivers show from Mondays to Thursdays and the Zaa Chat show on Saturdays.

Mr. Fresh in a WhatsApp status update as sighted by us, has confirmed himself officially appointed for the job as he glorifies God.


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