VGMA, GMA et al are not National Awards Schemes, Mohammed Hafiz Geeface explains

“VGMA, GMA et al are not fit enough to assume national dominance” – Entertainment Pundit.

According to a Ghanaian entertainment show host and pundit on the Accra based Okay FM on Friday, the VGMA and the GMA awards schemes are Accra based awards schemes and must not be arrogated to as national awards schemes.

Mohammed Hafiz Geeface is a host on Tamale’s North Television’s DinchanaTrending and an entertainment pundit who shared that for the above schemes to properly represent the country and to assumed national dominance their boards must have representives from all 16 regions.

“Their boards probably do not have members from Tamale or Bolga, meanwhile there are lots of good artistes in this areas who are doing so well as well but because members of these schemes do not relate to their music, they’re hardly recognized on them”

“There should be reps from all these people in the board, a category like the Songwriter of the year should have all songs which carry deep messages but I doubt if a Twi man can relate with what the Dagomba or Frafra man says in their songs to secure them a nomination”

The conversation was recorded on Friday, January 23, 2022 while the NTV’s host was on a radio tour with IsRahim who had a concert in the capital over the weekend.


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