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Ever since the legend boy made a his debut into the industry, he has collaborated with a lot of artistes, many of which made hits but some were just outstanding and timeless.

Here, we compiled the few collaborations from the many that prove Wiz Child is a proper hitmaker

Since his breakthrough in the Industry, Wiz Child has made name for himself as a proper feature or candidate for collaborations in recent time. highlights Collaborations that prove Wiz Child is a proper hitmaker

The young artist went from making fame with his viral hit “Adaha″ to being one of the most sought-after artistes for features.

Just like many of his colleagues in the Industry, Wiz Child is not just talented but consistent going by the quality partnership that he gets involved with.

To celebrate the young dynamite who have redefined the boundaries of contemporary music as we know it in Tamale, here are some Collaborations that demonstrate Wiz Child’s ability as a proper hitmaker.

1. Dagbanbila

Iskan Yaro ft. Wiz Child – Dagbanbila

If there is anything Wiz Child has shown when it comes to collaborations, is that he is the best man to handle the hook of any song.

It’s not surprising that Iskan Yaro decided to feature him on “Dagbanbila”. The way Wiz Child goes hard on the beat is nothing short of magical to listen to.

2. Ndini

Don Sigli – Ndini ft Wiz Child, Fad Lan

Don Sigli is one of the persons credited for Wiz Child’s success in the Industry and it was only fair the young singer repaid that debt with a feature on Don Sigli’s Ndini song.

“Ndini” is a love song not just because of the melody and its beat but because of how Wiz Child manages to get his listeners drifted with his lyrical delivery.

The way he sings about his love and affection for his girlfriend in Ndini is a source of inspiration for any love couple.

3. Karima

IsRahim – Karima ft Wiz Child

“Adaha” would always be known as Wiz Child’s breakout hit but “Karima” could be his golden goose. IsRahim must have known the magic Wiz Child would bring to the song.

While Wiz Child’s verse on the song was albeit short, it’s unforgettably soul soothing for listeners.

4. Ankuma

KDee – Ankuma ft Wiz Child

Wiz Child has partnered with a lot of fast-rising artistes but this one with upcoming rapper, KDee was special. As stated earlier, Wiz Child wields a mastery of hook, a skill which is evident in this song. Wiz Child’s verses on the song gave it a timeless flare.

5. Bontahali

Fancy Gadam – Bontahali ft Wiz Child

Fancy Gadam has so far collaborated with Wiz Child only two times but Bontahali is outstandingly magical.

On “Bontahali“, the two engaged in a conversation where they highlighted some factors that affect the artistic life of musicians in Tamale.

Wiz Child delivers so hard that one would believe that the song was personally talking about him.

6. Gulma

Maccasio – Gulma ft Wiz Child

Wiz Child opens up the song with the popular say “practice what you preach or change your speech” in a style that lets you know it’s about to be a wild ride. He and Maccasio bring the vibes, creating a melody with the topic so good for one to resist jamming to.

“Gulma” was released in 2020 during the COVID 19 lockdown.

7. Feelings

Gaffachi – Feelings ft Wiz Child

One open secret about Wiz Child that his colleagues take advantage of is his lyrical prowess in love songs,
Gaffachi could not have partnered any better than Wiz Child making the end results super magical.

The song was released off Gaffachi’s most talked about album in 2021, the Real is Real album.


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