Reason actress Maina quit acting is exposed.

Veteran Ghanaian actress, Mrs. Hamdia Osman known popularly as Maina has been missing in the movie industry for over two decades now after she was said to have quit acting.

A retirement which some described as “premature” as the promising actress only featured on two hit movies in the early 2000s.

Maina’s early retirement raised many questions in people’s minds as the actress never mentioned why she quit from her acting career.
Many have been questioning, seeking to know why the seasoned actress had retired at that young stage of her career.

The “Nandamba” movie star has finally disclosed in a recent interview with host of my Northern Achiever, Mr. Abdul Jalil Naabeli why she quit from film making.

She revealed that her husband whom she got married to only few months after her first two movies were premiered had asked her to.

On the reason that may have prompted the husband’s command, Maina said she doesn’t know as she was only following her husband’s commads.

“…he may have his reason but he never told me, I think he’s the best person to tell people about that because he never mentioned why he asked me to quit” she said

Meanwhile, the husband, Mr. Sualey known widely as Chairman Sualey had confirmed in the same interview that his request was prompted by some allegations believed to have been perpetrated against her by people who did not like her for some reasons.

He noted that they were accusations that his wife, the actress had witchcraft which he believed was as the result of her excelling life she lived then, allegations he described as total falsehood and damaging to the image of his wife.

“…I believe they were borne out of people who liked to have her as their own but eventually got turned by her, they started to paint a bad image about her, so I had to do what I had to to save her image” Maina’s husband noted

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