The host of Tamale Chart Show on Radio Tamale Halik Musah popularly known as Mr Tell threatens block any of his facebook followers should incase your comments under any of his posts includes the word “KOM”.

KOM is a dabgani word which literally means water. But this word have been used in a different context since Fancy Gadam A.K.A 1DON released his song titled “KOM”. In this song the singer used the word to mean seeking help from people, money to be precise.

Mr Tell Tell who was the MC of the just ended Maccasio’s Kings Concert at the Bokum Boxing Arena in Accra, after a successful concert decided to stay in Accra for few day to meet some dignitaries.
In the process, he shared with his followers pictures of the people he met. Most comments under all his updates were trolls and bants having the word KOM included.
The presenter upon seeing several of these comments threatened to block anyone with such comment on his post.

He said “The Next Time I post a photo on Facebook and and you come and write” Kom” . I’m going to block you straight. Mark it. The fact that you follow me on Facebook doesn’t make us play Mate’s. And you don’t know anything about me. Pls take note. Even on this post. I know who I play with not everyone”.

He added, you being my friend on facebook doesn’t mean we are equal. Here is what he wrote;

Fuseini Hamza Zio is a radio presenter and a social media influencer, who since 2022 began have been minding his own business also posted on his timeline and I quote
“We can now breathe cuz Adugalli is back in town from his Dubai Accra. It was a lovely trip dama he met Sister Derby, Hon Habib and Hon Murtala. He also boarded Passion Air bak to Tamale. I wanted to say something buh am minding my business this year”.
Below is a screenshot of what he wrote;

Mr Tell under the comment section of this post said, don’t come crying when I block you for the second time. He wrote “Sorry, for the second time I’m blocking you. Let’s see who will beg for this to.


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