Stop pounding the women in bed; be soft during the Atopa session – Lady begs Ghanaian guys

Lady Vera, a sex therapist, has urged men to be more amorous and quit hammering their lovers. According to her, romanticism in lovemaking adds to the pleasure that every guy should attempt to achieve.

She told Okay Fm in Accra that certain men’s tendency of pounding a certain region without learning different forms of sexual intercourse has left numerous women bruised.

“Men when you do that you flatten all the rumple strips in the vagina of the woman that stimulates the excitement during sex. When these things flatten the woman comes very early and it’s no longer fun to have sex yet will complain that it is no longer exciting to engage in sexual intercourse with their partners”, she revealed.

For her, being on a woman for more than 30 minutes is a punishment that affects her.

“Let the romance be more. Hold her breast, buttocks and romance her well. Endeavor to communicate that may give the woman multiple orgasms rather than stroke the woman and use lubricant. Thrusting the woman to the point she cries does not make you a man but only shows that you are subjecting her to severe pain and some injuries”, she added.


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