Tamale: Angry youth demands apology from a policeman for ‘insulting’ the chief of Lamashegu.

Some angry youth in Tamale is demanding an unqualified apology from Monny K Koranteng, a policeman who allegedly insulted the chief of Lamashegu in the Tamale Metropolis.

Monney K Koranteng

The policeman in a Facebook comment that has gone viral in the Tamale online space described the palace of the Lamashegu Naa, Naa Ziblim Abdulai as a dirty palace where his colleague was allegedly abducted.

The Police officer is disputing claims that the people of Lamashegu was brutalized by the Police after the youth in the area charged against them for shooting a boy who sought refuge in the palace of the chief.

His comment was in connection with the recent clash between the police and the youth of Lamashegu after a police officer fired a shot at the palace of the chief of the Lamashegu traditional area on a chase for a boy who drove in an unregistered car.

Mr. Monney K Koranteng, the policeman said the allegations labelled on the police is untrue claims that his colleague who was in the team of the 6 police officers on the chase was abducted by the chief of the area.

See the comment here:

His comment has caused a lot of outrage among the youth as they take to social media to demand an apology from him.

Jackson Jackson wrote:

I am setting up a committee… Monney K Koranteng (policeman) who said sh!t under a comment box about our chiefs must apologize.

He must.

Prince Barak wrote:
It’s unthinkable to describe a whole palace dirty. The said police officer….

Mumuni Yunus wrote:
This is the kind of Police Officers we have, working to protect lives and properties in Tamale.

1. Describes the palace of N-Yab Lamashe Naa as dirty (wonder how his village chief’s palace looks like, must be made of gold and diamonds)

2. Describes the people as “moa” ie, Twi for “animals”.

Does a police officer who thinks the people who pay him to protect them are animals deserve to still be at post?

At a time tensions are so high, with so much anger, would a smart and professional police officer be this reckless?

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