Radio Managers in Tamale are ignorant about the media – Mr. Tell says

Halik Musah, a popular radio presenter known for Bugum Beni and Din Nye Shem respectively on Radio Tamale and Sagani TV has made a strong assertion against radio station managers in Tamale, says they are extremely ignorant about the media work.

According to him in an interview with Queen Classy on the Executive Lunch earlier today, February 16, 2022. He observed that most of the managers of the radio stations in Tamale lacks the technical know how, claims they do not have the requisite knowledge about the media and how to run a media house.

“Managers of radio stations in Tamale, they don’t know anything about the media” he stressed.

The controversial presenter, Mr. Tell stated that the radio work is largely a practical based area and has no respect for one’s qualification or the certificate they hold.

He however alleged that majority of the managers run these radio stations on the opinions of their listeners who equally know nothing about the media work claiming that some radio presenters in Tamale have had suspensions and others loss their engagements with some radio stations in Tamale for calls managers received from listeners/critics.

“Some of the managers act on the opinions of their listeners, they receive calls from listeners for one or two critiques they may have about their presenters and they act on them by either suspending the presenter or firing them” he said.

Mr. Tell has been in the news in recent time for a number of reasons and allegations made against him.


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