It’s high time we work together and win together – Saddiq Shishi

Ghanaian singer and rapper, Saddiq Shishi has made a passionate call on industry players including musicians and promoters to work together as a small and growing industry that they are.

Shishi has asked that musicians and music promoters recognize the need for each other and learn to build a cordial relationship between the two parties.

According to him, it is high time the two parties; musicians and promoters understand the need for each other and learn to work together for the growth of the industry.

He stated that ” it is high time we work together and win together”.

He claims that, DJs and bloggers especially, have made it a condition for musicians to pay payola in other to have their projects promoted on their respective platforms, this in his view does not help the industry’s growth.

“We need each other
If u dey demand for money or payo before u promote my song . Expect the same energy when you need me too”

“Some will be like , you for dey buy me data before I go promote but when they need you on their show , They no dey buy you clothes nor transportation.
Ebi cassava leaves We go wear come ?
Or you go provide soap and water for washing?”

“It’s high time we work together and win together”

Sections of his Facebook post says.


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