Why the Super Star Concert is a total gaffe, King Hassan explains

King Hassan explains how the rate affected the quality of the Super Star Concert.

King Hassan has shared a reason why the rate to the Super Star Concert was a total gaffe to the event.

The Legend Boy, Wiz Child on the night of March 12, 2022 had hosted fans and music lovers in concert at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale where he thrilled thousands of fans at the event.

Reports say that the concert recorded one of the biggest V.I.P patronage ever in the history of musical events at the venue as more fans took the section.

But, Popular radio presenter and Drive Time host, King Hassan of the Tamale based Radio Justice has explained why the extravagant V.I.P patronage caused the quality of the event.

The sensational presenter, in a video as shared on Shaharan Suhuyini’s wall on Facebook saw him explain why the rate affected the quality of the show making it ‘unsellable’ for the brand Wiz Child.

While responding to a voice on the said video on his views about the show, King Hassan specifically observed that the rate for the V.I.P section was “quiet cheap” making most of the attendees patronized it.

He noted that the V.I.P section has had more patronage than the Regular making the area more chocked and dismal.

“The V.I.P is massive but my problem is that, you realize that because the V.I.P is quite cheap, everyone has come”

“Even when you look around you see more than thousand people dispersed from the stage as if they’re not here to enjoy the show, this has actually made the Regular stand to plunged in and I don’t think this image will be encouraging for analysis and positive discussions about the show” he said

“…sometimes it is not just to make the entry cheap for people to patronize but you need the image as an artiste to sell your brand with and I don’t think this we witness is good enough to sell him after the show” he added.

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One thought on “Why the Super Star Concert is a total gaffe, King Hassan explains

  1. Thou I’m not gonna assume Shahran is wrong, but I think my opinion sharply contradicts his, and that of my Frnd,( King Hassan).
    As an artist, I think he has been creative enough to record songs and promote them without a financially viable record label.
    To organize an event wasn’t supposed to be his Wahala after all these. Thus, if the industry had business minded event companies, that knows how to create business between potential investors and artists respectively.
    But they still go on to stage a shows on their own cost and planning, to avoid losses.
    If promoters and pundits can’t project the positives this process have brought, then I think we need a new set pls 🙇‍♀️
    My opinion pls. Thank you 🙏🏿

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