‘Don’t impregnate her too’, Fans troll Fancy Gadam after singer shares video with Berla Mundi

Ghanaian singer and songwriter Ahmed Mujahid Bello a.k.a Fancy Gadam has sparked online reactions after sharing a series of post of himself and the TV3 Ghana’s Berla Mundi.

Fancy Gadam in one of his recent videos shared on his personal Facebook page saw the Dagbani singer together on a horse with Berla Mundi while the latter was in Tamale over the weekend on a holiday, reportedly.

Sharing a photo of himself and Berla on his Facebook, Fancy Gadam captioned the post as “Best caption wins…let’s go” inviting fans and followers into conversation under the comment area of his post.

Some netizens reacted, expressing their distrust in Fancy Gadam around women while cautioning Berla Mundi about the Total Cheat crooner for she could be risking being impregnated.

Ozil Mohammed wrote: Fancy don’t do that and impregnate her too

Iddrisu Mohammed Rafik wrote: She needs to do pregnancy test before she leaves because the kind of dick you dey carry small closeness can bring pregnancy

Naaboari M Toufik wrote: Berla Mundi you just have to be careful with our artiste

Sulemana Nurulai wrote: Berla be careful this our man doesn’t see small darkness. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

Abdul-Aziz Haruna wrote: Berla Mundi: Fancy Gadam your long pipe is hitting me.
Fancy Fancy: My auntie do me so, I can’t control myself. Shut up and be my 4th baby mama 😂😂😂

Mutiu Walker wrote: This guy is very smart, he will just slide it in with the slightest opportunity

Malik Berry Gunu wrote: After the ride make her go do pregnancy test coz you dee now we dey fear you…by now ‘apun sansan no’

Abdul Al Azeez wrote: December we will have another naming ceremony

Don De Don wrote: Do that and impregnate her double double will give you a big slap

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