Kizzo K-Ventures celebrates 1st anniversary in Tamale

Tamale’s number one producers of skin care and body products, Kizzo K Ventures is celebrating it’s 1st anniversary in Tamale.

Speaking to a correspondent of madvybes.com, Madam. Kate Arthur, Chief Executive Officer of the company, expressed their gratitude to the people of Tamale and Ghanaians for embracing and accepting their leading selling products, Izzo Ointment and Izzo Hot Balms since their invasion into the market in Tamale.

She noted that the company has very much appreciated the people of Tamale for embracing their products and in return plans to give back to the society as part of their one year anniversary celebrations.

Madam Kate further indicated that the relationship between their company and the people of Tamale is perceived beyond just one of a producer and a consumer but one that is like a family.

As part of the celebration, Kizzo K Ventures will visit the market places in Tamale to share some of their products with market men and women for free, this she said that “as a token of their appreciation” for the market women especially for playing a key role in their growth in the region.

Also, the company as further disclosed by the CEO will on the 7th June, 2022 visit the Nyohini Children’s Home where they shall make some donations to the orphanage.

“We as part of the celebration will again visit the Nyohini Orphanage with some items and an amount of money allocated to make a donation on behalf of us and our cherished customers”, she said in a conversation with blogger Mo Torfek.

Source: madvybes.com

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