Would you be happy if I eventually become a beggar? Fancy Gadam asks critics.

Over the years, Fancy Gadam has been dragged by critics for being “ungrateful”, many industry players including some of his colleague musicians have accused and given their testimonies against the Gadam Nation boss for one or two gratifications he never showed towards them as they deem fit deserving.

Recently, Fancy Gadam was again in the news for this wrong reason after popular radio presenter and long time oppressor, Halik Musah a.k.a Mr. Tell shared his own part of the conversation with his following on social media and radio.

The presenter claims to be a major contributor in the making of Fancy Gadam and should have been accorded that recognition by the musician and his team but the ‘ungrateful’ singer acts otherwise towards him.

Meanwhile, CEO of KMTv and KMTv Awards scheme, Kulu Mallangah who is also the host of popular reality show ‘North Got Talent’ had also accuse Fancy Gadam of being an ingrate after the singer reportedly inclined his invitation to be included in the maiden’s edition of the KMTv Awards scheme this year.

The word “ungrateful” has over the years become a stigma to the brand Fancy Gadam after series of accusations from his close associates, business partners and sponsors were labelled against him.

In a new song dubbed “Ungrateful”, Fancy Gadam reacted to all these accusations, explained that many of these accusations are from people who want to use him for free of charge but as music remains his profession and source of income so should they (accusers) recognize and come to the business terms of it.

He also expressed his worry while he refers to some of his predecessors who were equally used gratis during their reigning days and who today can only point to nothing in their music career.

Click here to Watch and listen to the song here: Fancy Gadam – Ungrateful (Official Video) 

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