Omah Lay Opens Up On His Collaboration With Justin Bieber

, the Afrobeats artist, has recounted his amazing experience working on a collaboration with Grammy-winning global megastar Justin Bieber.

The popular Nigerian singer  claims that his friendship with Justin Bieber began following the release of his debut album, the “Get Layd” EP, in 2020. Justin messaged him on Instagram and followed him, and the two became friends.

While explaining how his collaboration with Justin for the song “Attention” was made,  said that although working with an international powerhouse like Justin Bieber can seem  a very challenging proposition, it is really his easiest collaboration to date.

“I just sent a song, he loved the song and sent back a verse,”  said while sharing how the single which appears on his debut album ‘Boy Alone‘ came about.

Boy Alone‘ is Omah Lay’ highly anticipated debut album released on July 15th, 2022, and it has been described by critics and fans to  a bold, honest, and perfectly curated project.

In a display of the connection between the two talented music stars,  has performed the single alongside Justin Bieber on his 2022 ‘Justice Tour’.

Another Win for Afrobeats: Omah Lay’ revelation that his collaboration with Justin Bieber is the easiest in his career showcases the current status of Afrobeats.

Afrobeats is gaining palpable international fame and success and with this fame comes to respect, and acknowledgement that will further position Nigerian superstars for global success.


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