Former Ashanti Kotoko player catches emotions in a radio interview, drops tears as he recounts his pass.

Former Ashanti Kotoko player, Mohammed Harif Alidu has given a recount of his football life on live radio and could only be reduced to tears.

Harif despite playing for some top colts teams and clubs in the country seems to have regretted ever choosing football as he shares his story with Prince Halid Mukadi Gbramoni on Zaa Sports.

Harif started his football journey from the Tamale based AC Milan where he had his colts football and later was selected among hundreds of young footballers in a justify for a position in Ashanti Kotoko in 2009.

His remarkable performances and consistency won him a permanent place at the Kumasi based Ashanti Kotoko where he played for about 3 years until when he caught the attention of a Serbian agent who took him to Serbia for trials and subsequently played for the Serbian club.

As promising as it looked for the young Harif, his football career was brought to a seizure when he sustained a ‘strange’ injury during one of his trainings with the Serbian Club in 2012.

In the interview he said “for me it was a strange injury, the circumstances leading to the injury couldn’t be considered serious until when I couldn’t play anymore and had to be taken out of the pitch” he said.

“…it was a snowy day at training when I slipped on a piece of solid snowball and crushed into another player, there wasn’t any serious contact though but I got my knee injured”

“The knee in a matter of minutes had swollen so big, I was taken to the hospital in the Serbian capital but the doctors after series of checks kept saying it is no bad injury and probably just a pain” he added.

However, Mohammed Harif when was asked if he believes it could’ve been a spiritual attack he said “…no I don’t think so, everything happens by the will of God though some people we consulted hinted such but I believe it wouldn’t happen if God’s plan for me was otherwise”

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