Wakaso has a kind heart, he has been so kind to me – Injured Harif pays tribute to the Black Stars player

Former Ashante Kotoko star, Mohammed Harif Alidu has paid tribute to Ghana’s professional footballer, Mubarak Wakaso in a recent TV interview with the Tamale based Zaa Television.

Mohammed Harif (Ex-Ashante Kotoko player)

The Ex-Ashanti Kotoko player, Mohammed Harif in the interview on Zaa TV’s Sports Connect, hosted by Prince Halid Mukadi Gbramoni expressed his thanks to the Black Stars midfielder, Mubarak Wakaso for his continues support to him.

He describes Wakaso as one of the most supportive and kind heartened persons in his life. His warm comments for the midfielder came after the host asked how he manages to survive after his failed career.

Harif revealed that he has within the short period of his football career made some money though has exhausted it all into medication shortly after he had his career killing knee injury in Serbia. However, he claims that Wakaso had intervene to ensure his recovery and survival as he took some steps to stage some consultations with some great specialists in the country and abroad.

He also noted that the ‘Gorilla’ as some people call Wakaso, had supported and still support him financially.

“…I must say a big thank you to Wakaso, he had been so supportive to me during the critical period of my injury, he’s supported me greatly to make sure I recover fully but I will say God did not allow it… I still receive his support” he said when was asked by Prince Halid Mukadi on how he survives his life after his failed career.

“…Wakaso is one person who has a kind heart, he has been so kind to me. His little brother Alhassan Wakaso as well and Baba Rahaman have also shown me their support and care” he added.

Harif noted that though some his friends and family have encouraged and charged him to return to competitive football, he’s incapacitated and cannot play anymore.

On how he feels when watching football, he said “…I hardly watch football now, football is not fun watching to me anymore, the thought of seeing myself play when I can’t kills me emotionally each time I sit to watch football…so when they show football I tune away from the channel” he said.

Speaking on “If he will allow his child to play football in future?” He answered “of course yes, everyone have their destiny, that I didn’t succeed with football does not mean my children cannot as well do, I will give them my support and I will back them up with hard prayers so they do not end up like me…it’s all about prayers”

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