Sulley Muntari officially leaves Hearts of Oak

Sulley Muntari, a former Black Stars midfielder, has formally severed connections with Heart of Oak after declining the organization’s offer of a contract extension.

The short-term deal for Sulley was up for renewal, but negotiations stalled before the transfer window ended on August 22, 2022, according to the club’s spokeswoman, Opare Addo.

The club’s doors are still open to the former AC Milan and Inter Milan midfielder, according to Opare in an interview with a Ghanaian TV station, and they will be prepared to start a new conversation if Sulley wishes to play for Hearts.

“Muntari has a decision to make but the most important thing for us is that he came in and play for us for a particular period in which we had an agreement.”

“If he will continue with us, there will be another agreement to continue because these are footballing issues but if he has a different decision you cannot force somebody to do something for you if the person has a different decision,” he added.

He clarified that Sulley Muntari is not currently a Hearts of Oak player.

“For now, the club is still in talks with Muntari but unfortunately the transfer window has closed, so if there is anything that can be done, we will look at it but unfortunately the transfer window has closed.”

In February 2022, Sulley Muntari and Hearts of Oak agreed to a contract that would extend through the conclusion of the 2021–2022 season.

He won the FA Cup and the President’s Cup with the team during that period.


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