Tinny sarcastically thanks Stonebwoy for settling ¢2k bill “nobody asked” him to.

Musician, Tinny, does not appear satisfied with the explanation regarding Stonebwoy’s decision to clear his supposed debt.

The artiste insists that no one asked the dancehall artiste for any help.

This follows revelations that Stonebwoy decided to unilaterally clear a ¢2,000 debt that Tinny supposedly owed a show promoter.

Speaking in an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, the ‘Makola Kwakwe’ hitmaker was not pleased with Stonebwoy stating that it was a sign of disrespect.



“He has done well to settle bill, no one asked him to, he has tried,” Tinny told Andy Dosty on Thursday.

TInny said that Stonebwoy could have ignored it when he heard the issue being discussed on the radio station back in May or chosen to address it off air.

According to him, the ‘Therapy’ hitmaker did not have any right to settle the alleged debt especially when he had not spoken to him (Tinny) first.

Months ago, an event promoter called out Tinny for supposedly refusing to refund GHS2,000 paid to him for a Valentine’s Day show at Worawora Afariwa Loungeon, which he failed to show up.

Stonebwoy, when he heard of this, voluntarily offered to pay his senior colleague’s supposed debt.

But, Tinny, breaking his silence in an interview on Okay FM, Monday, said he is not impressed with the entire “clout chasing.”

But, in an interview last week, Tinny described the claims by the event promoter and Stonebwoy’s willingness to pay as an act of foolery since no one reached out to him to verify the claims. He indicated that he saw Stonebwoy’s kindness as a façade.

On Monday, Stonebwoy said he was pained to hear colleague, Tinny insult him for paying off his alleged debt.

The ‘Bawasaba’ hitmaker said he felt sad after listening to Tinny because he made the payment without any malice intended nor was it to disrespect some he considers a senior in the industry.

However, Tinny insisted that Stonebwoy had no right to pay the show promoter before finding out the facts of the case.

The singer stated that he stands by the comments and the insults he rained on Stonebwoy in his previous interview.

“I am 100% right to say that. I will be a fool to pay someone’s money without their knowledge. What shows the person is in trouble? Was I there? have I heard anything from them?”

Explaining what he would have done if the situation was reversed, Tinny said “Who said the brother is in trouble? Have I heard from the brother or anything you hear you take it? Also, who said I needed that help?”


Source: MyJoyOnline

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