Can Talent Hunt and Reality Show Organizers stop Using Cars as Ultimate Prize? Geeface queries

Popular TV Personality, Mohammed Hafiz a.k.a Geeface has sparked an intriguing conversation after he left a rhetorical question on his social media timeline for reality show organizers in Ghana.

Over the years, some reality show organizers in Ghana have ultimately declared and awarded winners with valuable assets as prizes, cars, houses, motorbikes and other accessories have been awarded to winners of these Reality shows.

The practice for the past years has set a standard for Reality and Talent hunt shows in Ghana as new ones follow suit, reality shows like North Got Talent, Chop Da Mic, Sing Alike and the Miss Damba and Queen of The North beauty pageants have all awarded cars to their winners.

However, Geeface in a post on his Facebook handle raised a red flag against the practice, the presenter strongly discouraged the organizers of reality shows against awarding participants with cars, he believes that the winners “needs something better than car”.

He further argued that the practice rather is damaging to the talents, noting that winners of the Reality Shows must instead be awarded with cash prizes, this he says can be used to support their talents after the program.

“Some of them might even do better with Cash for their own financial Support in Growing their brands” he argued while replying a comment which sought to take his recommendation.


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