They are the same people who made them – Man on the killings in Wa

A Facebook user has accused the people of the Upper West region for the recent crimes in the area.

The people of Wa, the capital of the Upper West region of Ghana has in the last three months reportedly witnessed series of abductions and killings of security personnels in the area.

Multiple reports from local media outlets in Wa, recently confirmed the abduction and killing of 2 security men on duty while at least 3 are said to have disappeared without any trace.

The development sparked tension in the area as residents took to the streets of Wa to embark on a demonstration to register their grievances to the authorities and the government over the killings and abductions of the watchmen.

However, some residents have pointed accusing fingers to the many Nigerian foreigners in the area, claims they are most likely responsible for the recent crimes. Reports on the local media outlets in Wa also captured youth vandalized shops of Nigerians and other foreigners during the demonstration.

Photos of dead man discovered in a shallow grave in Wa

But Mohammed Musah, a Facebook user, believed to be in his mid thirties has claimed that the natives of Wa are rather responsible for the recent mysterious happenings they are hit with.

The Facebook user in a comment under GhanaTrace’s blogger Mo Torfek’s post briefly noted that the people of Wa in the past covered up criminals who attacked and robbed students of their belongings.

He believes that these criminals who in the passed attacked and robbed students and was shielded by natives of Wa has grown to attack their own people.

“The natives of Wa use to cover up criminals who attacked and robbed students of their belongings” he said.

“…today, they’re attacking their own people. They are the same people who made them” he added.

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