Throwback: Play and Download All Dobble Tee Old Songs

Tamayiribanim’a! Understand!! among other slogans called by Dobble Tee between his early days in the Ghanaian Music Industry and now. Dobble Tee whom many industry players and fans described as a “raw and stubborn” rapper earned his rating today after he gave the industry back to back hits until recently when he seem to have slowed down.

Since the release of Daliri with legendary singer, Kawastone in September, 2021, Dobble Tee has not been seen really active in the industry with releases and shows, in as much as some think the rapper could be retiring or is on a break from music, one thing we can be sure about him is that he gave us great and everlasting songs.

Below are some old songs from him that you might like to listen again.

  1. Dobble Tee – Hello Play Download
  2. Dobble Tee – Chop Am ft Don Sigli Play Download
  3. Dobble Tee – Nzo Issah (Original) Play Download
  4. Dobble Tee – Dangerous Play Download
  5. Dobble Tee – New Guy Play Download
  6. Dobble Tee – Freestyle Play Download
  7. Dobble Tee – Mixtape ft DJ Bat Play Download
  8. Dobble Tee – Nzo Issah (Remix) ft Maccasio Play Download
  9. Dobble Tee – Oh Jerk Play Download
  10. Dobble Tee – Sol’lana Play Download
  11. Dobble Tee – Ojah Min Juuna Play Download
  12. Dobble Tee – Sheeje Beat Play Download
  13. Dobble Tee – Today Is Today Play Download
  14. Dobble Tee – Trumpet Cover Play Download
  15. Dobble Tee – Zuuku Goala Play Download
  16. Dobble Tee – Araba Play Download
  17. Dobble Tee – Wonder ft Article Wan Play Download
  18. Dobble Tee – Survive ft Onenira Play Download
  19. Dobble Tee – What Can Come Can Come ft Onenira Play Download
  20. Dobble Tee – Who Be That Baby ft Onenira Play Download
  21. Dobble Tee – The One ft Soorebia Play Download
  22. Dobble Tee – Sulley ft Stone Brain Play Download
  23. Dobble Tee – Barrier ft S.K.Y Tamale Boy Play Download
  24. Dobble Tee – Gangster ft S.K.Y Tamale Boy Play Download


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