Rapper Saani campaigns against the use of hard drugs.

Finest Ghanaian rapper, Dagbon Saani, has cautioned the youth, precisely, against the use of hard drugs and substance abuse in a new song.

The rapper in the early days of last week released his first song after a long while dubbed “Jilaa” which means ‘muscles’ in English.

The rapper in the passed year, having been hit by series of illnesses associated with the use of hard and abusive substances had duly announced through his social media handles that he’d quit from smoking and took to the rehab for reforms.

In “Jilaa”, the rehabilitee and the former Half-a-Loaf projects signed regrettable shared his ‘ugly’ experience with hard drugs and substances as he cautioned the youth against their use.

Dagbon Saani is one of the few artistes from the Northern region who publicly admitted to taking hard drugs and substances for obvious reasons, sometime before his quitting.

However, contrary to what many young men and women now see as ‘chilling’ or fun to do, Dagbon Saani preached there’s nothing fun about smoking and using hard drugs, emphasized that drugs will only destroy the life of one who abuses them.

Listen to the song below:

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